The Creator Atelier was developed to empower and encourage Influencers to grow far beyond social platforms and help them continue to grow into their own brands all the while helping them form impactful and long lasting relationships with the worlds best companies.

From dedicated managers, growth sessions between you and our best team members specialized on taking you to your next level and access to bonuses like getting your own blog/shop built for you. 

We believe in having a small, strong team of Marketers, Developers and Strategists while pairing them with a bespoke team of incredibly talented content creators. We work with a handful of influencers and would love for you to join our team. 

What do I get when I join? 

As a Advocate with the Atelier, you will have full access to a growth coach and manager, they will focus on helping you secure more deals expand to new platforms and get set up with anything you may need to push you farther in your business.  Your Manager/Growth Coach will be your one stop shop for everything you need. 

Is there a Commission fee & what does the Atelier do?

When joining the Atelier as an Advocate, we will conduct all paid sponsorships for your channels, maintain product orders and shipping, contracts and in person engagements. We do have a 20% Commission on paid sponsorships. We do NOT take any percentage of your Adsense/Ad revenue or affiliate links from Youtube/Blogs. 

The Atelier will be in charge of obtaining you new paid sponsorships, processed orders from companies so you get the product on time for your content calendar and setting up in person engagements with companies. 

Can I still do my own gifted campaigns? 

You are more than welcome to do your own gifted campaigns, just be sure to let your Manager know what company you are working with so they do not reach out to them during the same timeframe. 

How long is the contract?  

Contracts are one (1) year in length and require exclusivity, meaning the Atelier will be your only PR company creating paid sponsorships for you, we do require any paid sponsorships or business enquiries to be sent to our email which must be displayed in your bios/descriptions. 

Interested in joining? 

Let us know below and provide the following: 

  • Future Goals & Milestones
  • Previous Campaigns or collaborations
  • What channels your content lives on
  • Your favourite hobby
  • Analytics (Post and Story) for IG and Youtube Dashboard Analytics for well... Youtube. 
  • Location!

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