How it works

How it works

What Package best suits me?

See packages here.

If you are a beginner or intermediate looking for a basic landing site showcasing your work and talking about you select the default package. You will get a free basic theme customized to you.

If you are intermediate-advanced and looking for an all-encompassing package that provides you with Instagram feeds, premium customized theme and much more select the pro package.

Once you choose your package, fill out the required form, include as much as possible. Including as much as possible gives us a better ability to set up a website or online store that matches your brand seamlessly.

Your site will be built on Shopify (click here to view) as it's the best way for you to invoice clients, track all your revenue and sell products/prints etc.

What if I have a domain already purchased?

If you have a website domain purchased already you can transfer it yourself once we transfer the ownership to you. You can purchase one directly from the Website dashboard. Under Online Store > Domains

Once you have submitted all information we then begin the process of building the website, depending on the number of orders in queue. The total process could be anywhere between 1-3 weeks delivery.  The closer to the start of the month you place your order the higher your odds of early delivery.


When do I get an update?

We will reach out to you for one of two reasons, we need more information about you/ your vision for the site or if your website is complete!

Once we are completed we will add you as an admin to the website, then we will transfer the ownership of the site directly to you.


What happens when I get ownership of the site, is it mine?

Yes, all yours!

Once the ownership has been transferred you will select a monthly / annual plan to keep your website live. This is done through the platform Shopify, the same platform we use for both the Atelier and Creators magazine.

  *We DO NOT charge you monthly, once we build the site and give you ownership you are in charge of selecting your monthly plan through the Shopify platform, starting at 29$ a month for invoicing / shop features and 14$  per month for the basic site (no method of accepting payments)*  DETAILS HERE


Is it easy to use the site and make changes?

The interface is friendly and easy to use. You will have a lot of documentation at your disposal if you decide you want to make changes by yourself. Here is access to Shopify Documentation.

What if I want you to do any changes for me?

We can also provide you with extended support on a per request basis. Our small tasks team charge $40/ hr or small task working on your site.

I just want to try and build the site myself, what platforms should I go with? 


Shopify is what we recommend for anything related to client work, invoicing and selling prints or products as it allows you to deposit the funds directly into your bank account and comes with plenty of great reporting software for finances. 

Squarespace is also a great option as well but not as great with the payments side of things in our opinion. 

Talk soon!


The Creator Atelier Team